KIOM-SAR Conference
Welcome message
The Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) and the Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) will hold the 2020 KIOM-SAR International Conference online from 11 (Fri) – 13 (Sun) Sept., 2020.

KIOM is the national institution specializing in R&D of Korean medicine and affiliated with the Ministry of Science and ICT. KIOM is carrying out the development of source technologies for diagnosis and treatment based on Korean medicine as well as core technologies in the field of herbal preparations, establishment of the infrastructure on knowledge and information, development of policies and standards in Korean medicine, etc.

SAR is an international society with a thirty-year history aimed at promoting scientific research on various therapies in Eastern medicine including acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as improvement in the excellence of the quality of medical care.

The KIOM-SAR 2020 will seek the convergence of research in acupuncture and traditional medicine in the East and West and clinical achievements by opening a forum for discussions on the theme of “Bridging East & West from Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine Research to Practice” where the research in traditional medicine, clinical experiences, policies, and cultures are brought together. Notably, it will provide an opportunity for valuable encounters in which the innovative achievements in clinical sites are delivered to researchers and policy makers, thereby contributing to the development of research agenda for the future.

We would like to extend our invitation to individuals striving for the development of traditional medicine around the world to the KIOM-SAR 2020, and request your warm interest and active participation in the event.
Co-Chairs of KIOM-SAR 2020

  • Jong Yeol Kim, KMD, PhD

    President, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine

  • Richard Harris, PhD

    Associate Prof.,Department of Anesthesiology,
    Univ. of Michigan.